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Precision Fixed Slot Dies

Fixed Slot Dies from Precision Die Systems

Precision Fixed Slot Dies coating technology is used to deposit a variety of liquid chemistries onto glass, stainless steel, and plastic substrates for the development and production of a broad range of applications. This is achieved through the precise metering of the process fluid and dispensing it at a controlled rate while the coating die is precisely moved relative to the substrate.

Precision Die Systems fixed slot dies technology allows for efficient, high performance spin-less coating for applications such as flat panel displays (including LCD, OLED, flexible, and others), photovoltaic panels (such as CIGS, CdTe, OPV, and others), Solid State Lighting (OLED and LED), and various Organic and Printed Electronic applications such as RFID, Lithium, Li-Ion, Fuel Cell, Battery Electrode Coating, Sensors and others.

Precision Die Systems Corporation is a total process and hardware resource for the coating industry.

Fluid coating thickness is determined via slot die and throughput rate.

1 to 2% cross web.

1 ft/min or less to over 3,000 ft/min.

Totally enclosed system.

Viscosities, through-put-rates, line speeds, coating widths, coating thicknesses.

Torque sequence and values, offset blocks for over – under lip adjustment, body alignment key.

Fixed Slot – 3 Layers

Curtain – 3 Layers

Slide Curtain

Uniform Coat Weight

Increased Production Rate

Decreased Waste

Closed System to reduce Contamination

Reduced Downtime – Faster Changeover

Flatness/Straightness Deviation: 0.0001” (2.54 microns) over full length and width or “better upon request”

Flat Flow and Lip Face Surfaces precision micro-ground and diamond lapped: 1-3 Ra

Flatness Inspection Report

Technical assistance available at customers’ site.

Several Locations throughout the United States

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