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Aftermarket Die Products

Premier Aftermarket Slot Die Products for Enhanced Performance

Precision Die Systems is your premier destination for aftermarket slot die products and cutting-edge add-on solutions. Our comprehensive offerings ensure peak performance and versatility for your dies, enhancing productivity and quality. Discover how our expertise can elevate your operations today utilizing our Aftermarket and Add-on Die supplies.

Aftermarket Slot Die Products

Explore our extensive range of aftermarket slot die services meticulously crafted to optimize your die performance:

  • Die Body Shims: Precision-engineered shims to fine-tune die body alignment for optimal extrusion results.
  • Spare Parts: High-quality replacement parts to keep your die operating at peak efficiency.
  • Gaskets and End Seals: Ensuring tight seals for consistent extrusion quality and minimal downtime.
  • Cleaning Carts: Convenient carts equipped with all necessary tools for efficient die cleaning and maintenance.
  • Support Carts: Reliable carts providing mobility and stability for die handling and maintenance.
  • Rheology Testing, Real-Time Visual Rheology: Cutting-edge testing services to analyze material flow and optimize die performance.

Add-On Die Products

Designed to enhance functionality and adaptability, our range of add-on solutions offers unparalleled customization for your dies. From hinges to alignment tools, trust us to elevate your die performance to new heights.

  • Die Hinges: Facilitating easy access and maintenance of die components.
  • Lifting Brackets: Safely lifting and maneuvering dies for maintenance and installation.
  • Die Alignment: Ensuring precise alignment for uniform extrusion and product quality.
  • Opening Assemblies: Facilitating die opening and closure for seamless operation.
Aftermarket Shim in Extrusion Die

Precision Die Systems leads the industry by offering a comprehensive range of solutions to optimize performance and maximize productivity. Trust us to provide top-quality parts, advanced testing services, and innovative add-on options to meet your die needs with precision and expertise. Contact the experts in aftermarket and add on die capabilities.

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