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Die Positioners

Die Positioners from Precision Die Systems

Precision Fixed Slot Die Positioners, where precision meets reliability in die positioning solutions. Our positioners are meticulously crafted to ensure accurate alignment of the die to the coating roll, guaranteeing optimal coating results. With standard features such as stainless steel construction and repeatable accuracy of +/- 0.00005” (1.25 microns), our positioners offer unparalleled performance and consistency. Explore our range of options and discover how our positioners can elevate your coating processes to new levels of efficiency and quality.

Stand alone Die Positioner station.

Die Positioner Alignment Adjusters:

Heavy chrome plated roll face – nickel plated journals

Surface Finish 2-4 Ra

Precision Ground Bearings

.0001″ TIR (Total Initial Run Out)

On Roll Coating

Tension “Free Span” Web Coating

Die Skew Adjustments

Splice Bump

New, None Adjusting Roll Seal

Better Coating Beat Control

Larger Coating Window

Coating Roll Super Finish – 1 Ra

Teflon Coating for Easier Cleanup

Intrinsically Safe Digital Positioning Readout


Cart Floor

Machined Base

Fixed Stand

Precision Fixed Slot Die Positioners stand as the epitome of precision and reliability in positioning technology. With meticulous craftsmanship and advanced features such as stainless steel construction and repeatable accuracy, our positioners ensure optimal coating results with unmatched consistency. Whether it’s on-roll coating, tension-free span web coating, or skew adjustments, our positioners provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Trust us to elevate your coating processes, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency every time.

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