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In-House Capabilities

Process / Engineering & Design / Technical Sales

We are your total process and hardware resource coating technology.  We have decades of hands-on experience to maintain or upgrade your coating and extrusion equipment as well as solve your unique process issues.  Something all of our competition lacks.

In-house engineering and design utilizing SolidWorks 3D modeling software.  Our team can produce standard and custom design layouts, sales drawings and production models.

Our engineering based sales team has the practical, in the field experience to serve your coating and extrusion needs.  This makes for easy and rapid response to questions or problems that come up.  We are positioned throughout the world for rapid response.

Precision Machining

We have two Haas CNC mills with max capacities of 36″x120″ and 28”x84”.  Machines are maintained to hold pin and hole locations to .0005″ or better.  Cutting edge machining practices by skilled machinists for the best quality, fastest run times, and reduced error.  We use SolidCAM integrated machining for all our milling.  Utilizing the latest in tooling advancements we also have experience with the most difficult materials.  In addition to our CNC capability we also have several manual machine tools and in-house MIG and TIG welding and fabrication.

Precision Grinding

We have three precision CNC Okamoto surface grinders, 32”x80”, 24”x80, and 24”x120”.  Special ordered to our unique specifications, they are installed and maintained by factory technicians.  Okamoto is regarded as the worldwide leader in grinding technology and we have the skilled machinists to utilize the accuracy and efficiency these machines are capable of.  We have the correct grinding wheel technology for the widest range of materials, including specialized non-ferrous coatings.  Precision grinding room is isolated from the general shop area for extra attention to climate control and cleanliness.

Precision Inspections and Lapping

While our entire shop is climate controlled we maintain an isolated inspection and lapping room for extra attention to cleanliness and maintaining tolerance. We have the highest grade granite inspection rocks built to our unique requirements, including 4’x8′, 4’x10‘, and 5‘x12‘.  Inspection equipment includes a toolmakers Mitutoyo microscope capable of measuring lip edge radii from .001″ to .080″.  Flatness scan linear gage measures .000005″ (.13 microns).  A Mitutoyo micrometer height gage with a resolution of .00005″(.13 microns).  A Capacitec gap sensor for measuring slot gap uniformity to .000001” (.0254 microns).  The wand sizes range from .004” – .028” for pre-land and land gap scans.  We offer detailed inspection reports with RA scans and replication rubber impressions of top widths and radii.  Hand lapping tolerance .00004” (1 micron) – .00015” (3.81 microns) up to 120”.

Lead Times – Best in the Industry

Due to our skilled workforce and efficient communication between

customer-sales-engineering-manufacturing we have the most competitive lead times in the industry.

  • Our schedule for lip inserts and die reworks is approximately 5-7 days
  • New coatings die < 1000mm approximately 6-8 weeks and 1000mm above is 10-12 weeks
  • A new die station would be approximately 12 weeks

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