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Blown Film Dies

Blown Film Dies

Process and blend multiple Blown Film Dies Materials with varying thermal properties for longer periods of time by isolating the temperature of different layers. Extrude various polymer materials into 3-10 Layer Blown Film with the capability to process materials of significantly alternate melt temperatures or other properties in adjoining layers.

Flat Disk Blown Film Die Flow “Pancake” Design

Precision Die Systems Corp.- Blown Film Dies “Pancake” design integrates round plates that offer uniform gaps to minimize flow variations. We achieve consistency with special tapered expanding pins for precise consistent alignment of all parts in each layered plate.

The flow splitting channels, located between the top and middle plate, direct circulating polymer from the die entrance location to each spiral. Polymer flow follows round cross-section split flow passages to the spiral dispersion zone which avoids dead zones and hang-up locations creating precise channel lengths for each individual spiral.

Flat Disk Die

The split flow design allows for the optimal thermal consistency and polymer dispersion and improves mixing in the spiral distribution zone; which is located between the second and third plates. Once the polymer flows across the spiral distribution zone toward the central pin; the polymer travels vertically upward to the next layer or die lip. Internal heaters in the central pin assist start-up and preserve process control.

Pancake System
Pancake Core

Outstanding Minimal Thickness Variation Without Additional Gauge Control

Blown Film Dies Amplified Production Rates from Reduced Down Time

  • Streamlined Flow Channel Design Minimizes the Total Flow Path Length per Layer
  • Higher Efficiency Material Transition
  • Simplified and Fast Assembly and Disassembly
  • Quicker Purge Times and Reduction in Polymer Residence Time
  • Reduced Time for Color Change Overs
Precision Die Systems Blown Film Die System

Optimizing Temperature Control and Quicker Heating Abilities Through a Central Pin Integrating Internal Heaters

Low Leakage and Maintenance Issues

  • Eliminating Port Holes
  • Removing Slip-Fit Components
  • Incorporating Tight Sealing Surfaces on Flat Faces

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