Die Positioner - Chippewa Wisconsin

Precision Fixed Slot Die Positioners are for positioning the die accurately to the coating roll. 

Our standard features include all stainless steel construction, repeatable accuracy +/-.00005” (1.25 microns) and also:

Coating Roll

Heavy chrome platted roll face – nickel plated journals

  • Surface finish 2-4 Ra
  • Precision ground bearings
  • .0001” TIR (total initial run out)


  • On Roll Coating
  • Tension “Free Span”Web Coating
  • Die skew adjustments
  • Splice Bump

Vacuum Box

  • New, none adjusting roll seal
  • Better coating bead control
  • Larger coating window


  • Coating Roll Super Finish – 1Ra
  • Teflon Coating for easier cleanup
  • Intrinsically Safe digital positioning readout

Base Options

  • Cartridge
  • Cart Floor
  • Machined Base
  • Fixed Stand


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